Betfred Casino

Betfred is the latest UK online sportsbook operator to introduce its online casino. What is quite novel about the Betfred casino is that it features the proprietor Fred Done very prominently at the casino which is a very good initiative as it show that Fred really believes in his casino. Fred is know as the Bonus King and his casino bonuses are excellent.

Betfred Casino - £100 Cashmatch Bonus

Betfred Casino £100 Cashmatch Introductory Bonus

Betfred Casino Offer

Betfred is the Bonus king and the Betfred introductory bonus is very simple to understand and it is very easy to qualify for the full bonus, simply download the software and play the real casino and lodge funds. There is £100 available for new customers and to avail of this offer make sure you contact the online help facility to register for your bonus. There are also monthly relaod bonuses and these are categorised according to how much you play.

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Betfred provide over 60 Casino games

The Betfredcasino software has been supplied by Playtech, who have made their name in the US and with the adaptation of the games to fit the Betfred brand the result is a very well though out online casino offering, with excellent game graphics and specially designed games such as sportsballs and, soccerfans slots. Progressives are an integral element of any online casino and Fred does not disappoint with an excellent array of progressive slots for you to enjoy and great jackpots to be won.

Betfred Casino Review

Betfred Casino VIP Customers

The Betfredcasino is without question one of the best thought out online casinos we have reviewed in the last 12 months. The layout, graphics and attention to detail is top class and it also provides the excellent novel initiative of having live dealers. There is without doubt endless fun to be had at the Betfred casino and it gets a definite must try recommendation from our editorial team. Another positive about the current product offering is that the speed of play has come on leaps and bounds as there used to be an issue with the speed of the site which we are glad to say has been sorted out this year.

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