Popular Online Casino Games

With many online casino now offering over 130 games on a platform one can see the varity on offer and the ability for the operator to provide the consumer a choice beyond belief. However, there are a number of key casino games that nearly all players play. They include Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and Progressives.


Blackjack is the number 1 online casino game and the idea is to beat the dealer and get as close to 21 as possible. Blackjack is the one game that there has been so many books written about and movies made about as it is the one game that players can get an edge if they are good at remembering the order of cards. In the business it is known as counting and while not against the law it is something that is frowned upon by the casinos around the World. There has been so much written about this practice that now every trick in the book is know and action to stop it has been taken by the casinos. It is this myth that has produced a game that every casino gambler loves to play.

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A game of chance with the idea being to guess what number the ball will land on. As the odds are against the punter the odds are very high and one good win will deliver very good returns

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Playing slots or the one arm bandits as it is better known is a passtime that is loved by all casino goers. There are now many different type of slot games to play and each online casino offers a very large variety to cater for all tastes.


Progressives are simply slots with a big jackpot payout. Sometimes these payouts can reach a million pounds or more and this attracts in the punters. All the online casinos will advertise the running balance of their best slots game on the front section of their site in order to attract people into playing.

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