Casino Craps Guide

Casino Craps GuideCraps is a bit of a speciality game played with dice. To some extent it is difficult to see the online version being a massive hit as it is a game that people love to go through the action of throwing, however for the die hards it will be a much visited part of the online casinos.

The main objective when playing craps is that the player bets on whether the casino dice games roll will result in a win or loss.

Craps Rules

Craps is only played with two dice. To place your bets you use chips.

Three numbers are "Craps" - the 2, 3, 12. The game of Craps can be considered a game of rounds. A round begins with a beginning (come-out) roll. The round ends with either making point or 7 out (see Pass Line).

As the dice roller (shooter), you must make a either Pass Line or Don't Pass wager on the comeout roll in order to play.

Online Craps Betting

There are a lot of betting variation, the five main types are Pass Line, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come and odds bet. If you are an inexperienced player it is well worth visiting to get the full details as there are too many to cover in this short overview. It is also advised to use the free play game prior to playing with your hard earned.