Casino Payouts

The payouts that casino give, are all mostly in the high 90 odd percents. What this in effect means is that in the long term the casino earns profits on its turnover and this will differ for each site depending what their payout is set at.


William Hill Over 97%
Intercasino average payout up to 2003, 97.5%

These are just a couple of examples of the sites which offer this information to you, others do not have this information listed but you can find this out by simply emailing them. All of the sites listed in this review section are all reputable online casinos and will all have payouts as mentioned earlier in the high 90's.

Most Importantly all the online casino operators are very conscious that they need to very clear and up front regarding their business operations and with this in mind they all have the leading accounting companies to check and verify their books. In addition, one of the key elements in obtaining their gaming licence is that their books are audited and verified by the proper sources. This is a very important part of the self regulation required to ensure that all the operators are adhering to the regulations set down.

Casino Returns

Another important feature regarding payouts is how long you have to wait for your winnings to be sent back to your bank account. In most cases the winnings are returned straight away and it then usually takes your bank a couple of days to process the transaction and for it to appear in your account.